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Simmons Bayou

 Port St. Joe, Florida:  The fishing village of Simmons Bayou is an unincorporated area just south of Port St. Joe where 98 and 30A split. Continue on 30A, South, towards Cape San Blas and Apalachicola. Simmons Bayou is after the turnoff to the Golf Course, Country Club Road, and a short bridge. You will see St. Joe Shrimp Company on the right. And the speed limit changes to 35 MPH.

Simmons Bayou coastline offers easy access to St. Joseph Bay. Brimming with fish, seahorses, turtles, scallops, and crabs the bay is paradise for sea birds and humans alike. Soft, grass flats and clear shallow water make it friendly on the feet and to kayakers. The Bay is a beautiful eco tour paradise, especially so at sunset. Less than five miles from Port St. Joe, Simmons Bayou feels like a million miles away. This is Old Florida, quiet, rustic, and beautiful. If you enjoy fishing, birding, peaceful romantic sunsets, and golf, the Simmons Bayou area is for you.

Question: What is the Legal Speed Limit within the Community of Simmons Bayou?

Answer: Thirty-five miles per hour; (35 MPH), please!

Sunset of a dock in Simmons Bayou The flats on a sunny day at the pier in Salinas Park Cape San Blas Lighthouse relocated to George Core Park in Port St. Joe, aka Lighthouse Park
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